I've created a new website at The story of this journey that I started writing about here years ago is now a book titled Naked on the Edge: a Motorcycle, a Goddess, and a Journey Around India. Details of its publication can be found at 

At the new website, I blog about the craft of constructing an adventure story by examining the problems I’ve encountered while writing mine plus the solutions discovered. I also write slice-of-life stories about what it is like as a lone woman living in India. The backstory to my memoir of Naked on the Edge: a Motorcycle, a Goddess, and a Journey Around India

You can now read the Prologue and Chapter 1 of Naked on the Edge at my site

If you've enjoyed reading this adventure story and would like to be a part in helping it become a a book you can hold in your hands, then please join me. Become a follower and help me generate readers that will in turn help make this story a book. 

Thanks to all of you who have read this blog in the past and written such encouraging thoughts.


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MarvinLWright said...

Congratulations! I think its really a great achievement on your part to be the first woman to ride a motorcycle solo on the edge of India. I am a newbie rider who is still learning how to ride a motorcycle.

C.L. Stambush said...

Thanks Marvin. Motorcycling is great, and doing it safely makes it even greater. I'm posting things on another site as well that you might find interesting, being a new rider and all. Check out....

lovson said...

Congratulations! Motorcycling is great, and doing it safely makes it even greater.

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Evie Fisken said...

Congratulation , this is an interesting thing . I love motorcycling, but i drive it safely,life is more valuable than hobbies.

Evie Fisken said...

Well pick . I like motorcycle ride . Really interesting post. Thanks to post .

Bella Edward said...

Thank for the information from now we will be reading continue on your new website.

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Kevin Hakney said...

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